Kevin Jones, Director of Handicapping and Course Rating

Kevin Jones

I started working for the Association in August 2014 and am responsible for all the handicap computers at our member clubs including the entire suite of software products that GHIN provides. I grew up in Beaverton, Ore. and have loved golf ever since I started the game at the age of 11. I am married to my lovely wife Colette and we have two little girls who are the joy of our lives. I spend most of my time golfing (when I have the time), traveling, and spending time with family and friends. I have an MBA from Gonzaga University and have spent my professional career in procurement at various large corporations and previously was the Director of Handicapping and Course Rating for the Louisiana Golf Association.

You've worked for other golf associations in the past. What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being able to serve a game that has given me so much joy in my life. If I can help another enjoy the game as much as I do and never be able to play another round, it would be all worth it.

What is your favorite story from your years working in the golf industry?

As an intern for the Oregon Golf Association, we were running the State Junior Amateur in Pendleton, Ore. in July where each day was at or near 100 degrees. One day we had a junior who was warming up for his match that afternoon suddenly come into the clubhouse with a bloody nose. This player was clearly on the verge of heat stroke as we found out he wasn't getting enough fluids and caused the bloody nose. After cooling him off with towels and ice, having him lay down, and eventually stopping the bleed, the player felt like he was ready for his match. We all had our reservations as we didn't want him to go out and get worse. So, we had some medical personnel come and check him out. The ambulance arrived, but clearly did not judge the clearance well enough under the awning of the clubhouse and plowed/wedged the ambulance completely under it. I have no idea how much damage was done, but the clubhouse clearly needed a new awning. The medical staff ended up clearing the player for play, but my boss instructed me to stay with the player for the beginning of his match for precaution. So, I followed my cart right behind them for the first six holes or so and what I watched was some of the best golf ever. This player who was on the verge of heat stroke with gauze up his nose while playing his round proceeded to birdie five of the first six holes. After watching that performance, I realized that my services were no longer needed as this junior was doing just fine!