Abell Smith, Web Developer and Content Manager

Abell Smith

I started working for the Association in March of 2012. My education is in the legal field and social sciences, but after a short detour to law school, I decided to change my career path. For several years, I made an attempt at being a professional cartoonist, before discovering that I really liked creating websites.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I just love building websites, both in refining my process and enjoying the final product. I'm also a fan of golf and huge sports nut in general, which means that this is about the best job a guy like me could ask for.

Who would be in your Dream Foursome?

Mostly, I would really love to play a round now with my grandpa, Bill Wilhelm. He was a big golf fan, and died shortly before I took this job. I think he really would've enjoyed hearing about some of the stuff I do every day. For the other two, I'll say Lee Trevino, who was one of his favorites, and Angel Cabrera, who always seemed to me like he would be a fun person to play a round with.