2014 Championship Volunteers of the Month

Volunteer of the Month of September, 2014: Ernie Lockwood

Ernie Lockwood

Ernie Lockwood is the Washington State Golf Association Volunteer of the Month Award for September, 2014.

Ernie Lockwood has volunteered as a Rules Official throughout the entire WSGA Championship season. His help at several WSGA events, as well as USGA Qualifiers does not go unnoticed. Ernie was on hand this September at the WSGA Senior and Super Senior Men's Amateur Championship. He brings years of technical rules experience with him to every championship, and this knowledge is of immense value to the WSGA. Talented and knowledgeable Rules Officials like Ernie allow the WSGA to operate Championships on a higher level of integrity and professionalism.

Thank you, Ernie!



Volunteer of the Month of August, 2014: Mike Hamm

Mike Hamm is honored with the Washington State Golf Association Volunteer of the Month Award for August, 2014.

August was another heavily involved month for veteran Rules Official Mike Hamm. Mike played a large role on the Officiating team for the Washington State Men's Mid-Amateur Championship at RMG Oakbrook. He was also in attendance at several USGA Qualifiers run by the WSGA around Western Washington. Mike continues to donate his time and invaluable USGA rules experience to the Association. Having someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Mike enhances the total experience at the WSGA's events, and allows the organization to operate at the high standards we have set.

Thank you, Mike!



Volunteers of the Month of July, 2014: Chris and Michele Sales

Chris and Michele Sales

Chris and Michele Sales are honored with the Washington State Golf Association Volunteer of the Month Award for July of 2014. The Sales have been a vital asset to the WSGA this championship season with the travel and commitment of hours they have donated to the Association. Their presence on the golf course during tournament rounds is an extraordinary help for the pace of play and overall smoothness of a Championship's organization. The Sales love to help with registration, and can usually be found stationed on the golf course as live scorers and timing station volunteers. In July, the Sales worked as volunteers at the United States Women's Amateur Public Links, held at The Home Course in DuPont, Wash. They were also on hand at the United States Amateur Championship Qualifier, run by the WSGA at Tumble Creek Club in Cle Elum, Wash. Chris and Michele played an enormous role at the Washington State Men's Amateur Championship in Walla Walla, Wash. at Wine Valley Golf Club. They worked all three Championship rounds at Wine Valley, and during the Final Round, walked as live scorers with the lead groups. Live scoring updates would not be possible without the Sales, and the Final Round updates help provide a hole-by-hole scoring display that helps connect the world with what is happening during the pressure-packed final holes of a Championship.

The Sales' importance at WSGA Championships is noticed and appreciated wholeheartedly. Their efforts help make what the WSGA does possible, and the work they contribute is vital to the Association's success! Thank you, Chris and Michele!



Volunteer of the Month of June, 2014: Steve Kay

Steve Kay

Working primarily as a Rules Official, Steve has dedicated his time helping out at numerous championships and USGA qualifiers over the years. In the month of June, Steve played a key role at the Washington State Women's Amateur Championship, serving as the only volunteer Rules Official for most of the week. Due to his steadfast effort the championship was able to be run at the high standard that players have come to expect.

Steve always carries a positive attitude and does a great job of being patient with players in rules situations. His composed approach to the Rules of Golf really makes him an asset to the association.

Knee problems forced Steve to withdraw from playing in the WSGA Men's Best-Ball and Member Club Team Championships, but it has not affected his willingness to serve as a Rules Official whenever necessary. In the month of June, Steve has worked seven days for the WSGA and PNGA.

The association's success in administering championships would not be possible without the help of loyal and dependable volunteers and Rules Officials like Steve. The WSGA extends its sincerest appreciation to Steve for his commitment to amateur golf in Washington!



Volunteer of the Month of May, 2014: Kaydee Mounce

Kaydee Mounce

Kaydee Mounce continued her record of reliable and valuable service to the Washington State Golf Association in the month of May this year. She was involved heavily at the WSGA Champion of Champions tournament at The Home Course, as well as the WSGA Women's Best Ball at Meridian Valley Golf Club.

Kaydee's exemplary loyalty and service to the WSGA and Pacific Northwest Golf Association help shape the expectations of quality and consistency throughout the championships that the associations host.

Kaydee can usually be found at the official scoring area, where she collects and post player's round totals in an efficient and professional manner. Her presence at the scoring table helps define a level of personal contact and communication between the staff and the players, something the association appreciates greatly! This connection is beyond valuable for both the players, who require a reliable and outgoing person at the end of their round, and for the organizations to accurately collect and report the scores during a competition.

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