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Which local facilities participate in the WSGA Join Now/Renew program?

Please select below for more information on our participating local facilities:


Where is my preferred club? It isn't listed!

Not all clubs participate in the WSGA "Join Now" Program as of yet. If your preferred facility is not listed, please click here to access our club directory and contact your club's pro shop. Or, you might consider joining one of our online memberships:


Should I join a Member Club or an eClub/Online Membership (both types include a WSGA Membership)?

If you are looking to be a member at a men's or women's club, a Member Club is probably best for you. If you are simply looking for the ability to have a GHIN number, post scores, and reap the benefits of a WSGA Membership, minus the club aspect, then an online club might be best for you.


How do I know which eClub/Online Membership to join?

View our interactive map, and simply select the option nearest to your residence.


I can't remember my GHIN number. How can I get it?

Please call the WSGA Office at (800) 643-6410 x3.


What should I do if I can't decide which club to join or have questions about obtaining a WSGA Membership?

Call the WSGA office at (800) 643-6410 x3, we would love to help!


I am a new member. When will I receive my GHIN number?

Once your payment has been processed, a GHIN number will be assigned and then emailed to you. Processing typically takes less than 24 hours.


When does my WSGA Membership expire?

A WSGA membership runs through a calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st.


When will my membership be inactivated?

Every WSGA member club manages their own member activation and deactivation process* and is responsible for annually cleaning their roster between January 1 and March 31. Members of eClubs will be "Inactivated" on February 15.

* Depending on bookkeeping preferences, some clubs will inactivate their entire roster at one time, and will simply reactivate members as they pay dues to rejoin for the new season.


Can I set up my membership to auto-renew?

"Auto-renewal" is a preference that is set by each club, some participate some do not. Our eClubs all offer the opportunity for your membership to be auto-renewed in the spring.


If I am going to travel for the off season, what should I do?

It is a good idea for you to pay your club in advance so that your membership continues uninterrupted.


Why am I listed as "inactive" and/or I can't post scores?

Most likely it is time for you to renew your membership for the upcoming season.





Criteria for Forming a Club

The following explanation of a golf club is taken from the USGA Handicap System manual:

A "golf club" is an organization of at least ten individual members* that operates under bylaws with committees (especially a handicap committee) to supervise golf activities, provide peer review, and maintain the integrity of the USGA Handicap System (see Club Compliance Checklist, Section 8-2m and Decision 2/7). A golf club must be licensed by the USGA to utilize the USGA Handicap System. A club can obtain a license directly from the USGA or in conjunction with its membership in an authorized golf association that is already licensed by the USGA and that has jurisdiction in the geographic area that includes the principal location of the golf club. (See Appendix F.)

Members of a golf club must have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with each other. They must be able to return scores personally, and these scores must be readily available for inspection by others, including, but not limited to, fellow members and the club's Handicap Committee.


A golf club is one of three (3) Types:

Type 1. The members of a Type 1 club are located at a single specific golf course with a valid USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating where a majority of the club's events are played and where the club's scoring records reside; or

Type 2. The members of a Type 2 club are affiliated, or known to one another, via a business, fraternal, ethnic, or social organization. The majority of the club members had an affiliation prior to organizing the club; or

Type 3. The members of a Type 3 club had no prior affiliation and a majority of the recruiting and sign up of the membership is done by solicitation to the public (e.g. newspaper, Internet).

*Note: For administrative reasons, some authorized golf associations may require a golf club to have more than the USGA minimum of ten members in order for the golf club to be a member of the authorized golf association.


Clarification of Term "Golf Club"

Q: Membership in a golf organization is open to any player living within a large geographic area. In general, the members play at different golf facilities within the area, and do not normally play golf with one another. Is this organization a golf club within the meaning of the term in Section 2?

A: No. Section 2 states that in order for an organization to be considered a golf club, "members must have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with each other." Also, the members of a golf club who are issued a Handicap Index must be from a small defined geographic area, for example: the residence or business address of each member of the golf club must generally be within approximately a 50 mile radius of the principal location of the golf club. (applies to Type 2 and Type 3 only) (Revised)

Accordingly, a checklist entitled Requirements for Compliance with the USGA Handicap System can be found below. A club must be able to answer "yes" to each question before applying for membership within the WSGA.

Requirements for Compliance with the USGA Handicap System

To determine if your club complies with the USGA Handicap System, use the following checklist (the applicable section of the USGA Handicap System Manual is listed parenthetically after each requirement).

Does your club:

  • Meet the USGA definition of a golf club?
  • Have a handicap committee composed mostly of members and chaired by a member? (Section 8-1)
  • Make it possible for a player to record the correct USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating with each posted score from every set of tees? (Sections 5-2 and 8-2b and c)
  • Require the posting of all scores made at home and away? (Section 5-1)
  • Require use of USGA procedures to adjust hole scores before posting? (Section 4)
  • Require that nine-hole scores be posted? (Section 5-2c and 5-2d)
  • Insist that the principles of The Rules of Golf be followed? (Section 5-1d)
  • Follow the revision schedule and posting season of the authorized golf association having jurisdiction in the region? (Section 8-3a and c)
  • Ensure that all acceptable scores are entered correctly? (Section 5-2)
  • Perform computations and adjustments in accordance with the USGA Handicap Formula? (Sections 8-4 and 10)
  • Make current scoring records and a Handicap Index listing of all members readily available for inspection by others? (Section 6-3)
  • Reduce or increase a Handicap Index of any player whose handicap does not reflect the player's potential ability? (Section 8-4c)
  • Notify an authorized golf association when permanent changes have been made to the golf course so that the association can issue a new USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating? (Section 14-5b)
  • Include the letter "L" after local handicaps, which exceed the USGA maximum limits of 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women? (Section 3-4)
  • Utilize the current USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating issued by an authorized golf association? (Section 14)
  • Have a representative from the golf club participate in a USGA Handicap Seminar (whether conducted by the USGA or an authorized golf association) including passing a test exhibiting knowledge about the system?
  • Have a signed license agreement in place with a local authorized golf association or the USGA prior to issuing a Handicap Index?

If the answer to all of these questions is "yes," then the golf club is following the USGA Handicap System and may issue USGA Handicap Indexes to its members. If the answers are "no," then the club should contact the authorized golf association or the USGA to determine if any action is necessary to achieve compliance.


Membership Dues Billing

The annual dues that members contribute to the Washington State Golf Association help preserve amateur golf and assure its future growth. Your membership dues include all membership privileges and services, such as automatic membership into the Pacific Northwest Golf Association (PNGA), eligibility in PNGA/WSGA Championships, free course rating and measuring, subscription to Pacific Northwest Golfer magazine, service on the GHIN System, contributions to the Evans Scholarship Program, Northwest Turfgrass, environmental education through the First Green Program and support of junior golf. The annual dues are a membership/joining fee into the association, not a GHIN fee for handicapping.

A club will be billed by the WSGA four times per year (April 1st, June 1st, August 1st and November 15th). With the Inactivation/Deletion Deadline being March 31st the April 1st billing is based upon the number of members active in your club at GHIN on April 1st. The billings on June 1st, August 1st and November 15th are for any golfer that was added to your club at any time since the previous billing date. Included with the invoices for each of the four billings will be a roster of your members for whom you are being billed at that time.

Multi-members (members belonging to two or more clubs being serviced by GHIN) are billed full membership dues at each club where they maintain a GHIN handicap. Should a multi-member be a member of more than one WSGA Member Club and have the same GHIN Number at each club the WSGA Multi-Member Rebate is available for those who return the WSGA Multi-Member Rebate Form to the WSGA by December 1st.





Click here to download the Club Licensing Agreement

(PDF, 380k)

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