WSGA Regular Memberships

WSGA Regular Memberships: Membership with a WSGA Member Club at a local facility

If you would like to become a WSGA Member by joining a men's or women's club at one of our participating facilities, and want to receive additional benefits provided by that club/facility in addition to the WSGA Membership Benefits, a regular membership is probably best for you. Not all clubs participate in the WSGA "Join Now" Program as of yet. If your preferred facility is not listed, please click here to access our course directory and contact your course's pro shop. Regular memberships are good through the end of the calendar year.

You can choose a WSGA Regular Membership from the interactive map, or from the list below:

Join Now Map

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Apple Tree Golf Course - Women's Club ($55.00) | Facility Info
Atlantic Pacific National Golf Club - Men's & Women's ($45.00 each), Juniors ($5.00) | Membership Benefits
Bellevue Golf Course - Men's Club ($75.00) | Facility Info
Bush-Whackers Golf Club - Men's Club & Women's Club ($56.00 each)
Cascade Golf Course - Women's Club & Women's 9-Hole ($61.00 each) | Facility Info
Columbia Point - Men's Club ($55.00) and Women's Club ($50.00) | Facility Info
Columbia Super Range - Business Women's League ($65.00) | Membership Benefits
Dominion Meadows - Men's Club ($45.00) | Facility Info
Downriver Golf Course - Men's Club ($60.00) | Facility Info
Jackson Park Golf Course - Men's Club ($75.00), Super Senior ($35) | Facility Info | Membership Benefits
Lake Padden Golf Course - Men's Club ($65.00) | Facility Info
Maple Valley Golf Association - Maple Valley GA, Men's & Women's ($65.00 each) | Facility Info | Membership Benefits
Mount Si Golf Course - Men's Club ($65.00) | Facility Info
The Classic Golf Club - Men's Club ($71.00) | Facility Info
The Home Course - Men's Club ($60.00) and Women's Club ($55.00) | Facility Info
University of Idaho Golf Club - Regular Men's League ($85.00), Pro-Am Men's League ($40.00), Ladies League ($50.00) | Facility Info | Membership Benefits


Still have questions? Please visit our Membership FAQ page, or call our Membership Department at (800) 643-6410 x3. Or, you can leave your email address in the field below, and someone will contact you shortly.

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